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Clarity Sessions

You're good at what you do. Really good. Creating, leading, selling, strategising, delivering - you ace it all. But you're not flying yet, not as high as you could be. Despite your many and varied talents, there’s a lid on what you’ve achieved so far.   

For the best reasons, strategic planning gets parked, and your success plan is a little foggy. You have things roughly mapped out, but the detail is unclear, and strategic actions don’t get completed. You crave movement, results, action!

Rather than a dusty, impenetrable, 50-page strategy, you want to laser-in on THE initiative that will contribute the biggest win to your success. 

Paramount for you right now is simplicity. You love (love, love) complexity, but for this, you need a sure-fire simple success strategy, that's quick to deliver, and easy to implement. Quick wins? Nope, you know they don’t cut it. But simple strategy that sticks? Yes please!

Gain clarity, get focused

Clarity coaching sessions allow you to work alongside an experienced strategist, to share ideas, gain insight, and find that one initiative that will take the lid off your success. 

You'll leave the session with a simple, effective, strategic plan that you can deliver. And accountability checks in place to keep you moving. Just imagine the drive you’ll experience as a result. 

Work with the MD

Work with Rachel Bicker, Lead Coach and MD at TSO Consulting, in a Clarity Session tailored to your unique situation.

I’m certified professional coach (CPCC), and a well versed boardroom strategist. I have a gift for helping already-successful leaders create simple “sticky” strategy that gets them bigger results than they've achieved solo. I love helping clients uncover the ‘how?’ of making a business soar; I’d love to help you find that clarity, too.


Clarity sessions take place by phone, and you'll receive an hour of one-to-one strategic coaching. You'll receive a pre-call worksheet to complete, to help you get really intentional about what you want to achieve. And you’ll also benefit from a bonus 15-minute follow-up accountability call, a fortnight after your coaching, to check-in on your progress and draw out further actions. Expect to come away with:

  • Clarity
  • Ambition
  • Focus
  • Actions
  • And a new zing that will drive you onwards
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