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    TSO Consulting is a management consultancy, experienced in management and organisational development. Our head office is in Canterbury, Kent, and our combined consultant, management, research, and support teams work with private and public sector clients based nationwide.

    We are particularly sought after for executive and organisational coaching, and for leadership development. Our ethos concentrates on liberating the potential of the people and organisations we work with. We work on learning and development challenges at Board and top-team level, and in so doing help our clients drive change throughout their organisation.

    We are a professional,ethical company that continues to thrive on the family ideals on which TSOC was originally established; we are valued by our clients for our insight and experience, for our commitment, passion and integrity.

    At the core of our ethos is a determination to maximise transfer of knowledge, expertise, and attitude; in so doing we encourage our clients to build on their success, and establish a culture of innovation and sustainable excellence.

    TSOC successfully works with consultants using an associate model. The advantages of this approach are:

    1. Flexible resources for client assignments. We draw on a large talent pool to select the consultants and coaches best matched for personality as well as competency.
    2. A broad range of public sector and industry experience and management expertise.
    3. Prompt access to the right resources to immediately provide client support.
    4. Investment in talent and experience, rather than sustaining business overheads.This helps us provide customers with the best value for money.

    We currently work with principal consultants and associates, all of whom have proven reputations for good work. Importantly, before joining the company each of our consultants undergo TSOC’s own accreditation process. This allows us to build a clear picture of their skills and strengths, ensures that our high standards for quality consultancy are met and ensures new consultants truly understand our ethos. Associates are also involved in our ongoing commitment to IiP.