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    The use of graphics to help engage and galvanise facilitated groups is an increasingly popular and successful technique.

    Scribing provides real-time feedback in the form of images, diagrams and key points. Instead of reams of paper and flip-charts, as a facilitated workshop progresses it is easy to see what has been discussed, to get dialogue back on track. Scribing is a powerful tool for critical thinking, problem solving and strategic planning.

    This approach to group facilitation activities works well for:

    • Boardroom discussion : images encourage big-picture thinking
    • Blue-sky sessions : helps harmonise opinion
    • Regular meetings : helps clarify thinking
    • Workshops : helps delegates back at their desks maintain the energy of an event
    • Presentations : an alternative to ‘death by PowerPoint’

    See our examples of Scribing elsewhere in this section. The images should speak for themselves.

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