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    Psychometric tests are often applied to the process of recruitment; employers need to establish the ability of the potential employee. These tests help to establish whether or not a candidate indeed has the work approach they lay claim to.

    But the way that a person performs in a job does not depend solely upon ability; personality also plays an important part. Personality psychometrics are valuable tools to help manage and develop people; and to help people understand themselves as individuals.

    Used in the appropriate way, and sometimes in conjunction with other measures and assessments, personality psychometrics provide an insight into an individual’s style and how they see themselves in light of their fundamental characteristics.

    For example, how does a person react in certain situations? How do they interact with others? And are they a natural leader?

    TSOC uses key psychometric tools – MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) and Thinking Styles® – as part of bespoke management development work for:

    • Group facilitation activities
    • Core leadership development programmes
    • Improving communication
    • Executive business coaching
    • Organisational coaching

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