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    Cultural Analysis

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    Providing an in-depth, focussed and insightful assessment of an organisation’s culture at the start of a project is an important building block for improving communication and for successful leadership development programmes.

    Cultural analysis allows us to establish a true starting point; to understand organisational and individual expectations; to experience a company’s culture and identify the main issues an organisation faces.

    Typically, we involve our most experienced consultants in this initial assessment, to ensure that the project builds from the best possible foundation. Our research involves a combination of the following approaches:

    • Focus groups with senior people
    • Meetings with the sponsor to discuss the business plan, organisational objectives and, for example, the leadership profile
    • Visits to operational offices to interview people from a variety of levels
    • Research into the efficiency of previous development intiatives
    • Desk research

    Based on the results of our research and diagnosis, we work with the senior management team, sponsor, and/or the L&D team to set key performance indicators and objectives for a programme. Along with other criteria, such as a leadership profile, this forms the basis of our design.

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