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    Jack Welch says ‘get your best players on the field; the team that fields the best players, wins’.

    The man who transformed General Electric makes successful leadership development look obvious and sound easy; and it is – if you know who your best players are and can truly get them to work as a team.

    Establishing a consistent leadership style can be critical; and TSO Consulting Organisational Coaching is helping clients achieve success in this.

    Our approach captures and embeds learning from executive coaching to focus on business, not personal issues. Unlike individual executive coaching, the primary objective of the relationship between coach and coachee is the achievement of business goals; the organisation achieves what it needs through the development of the individual executives. Organisational memory and learning can quickly achieve a step-change in performance.

    Applied to a top team, this approach is highly effective, especially during times of transition or where a company needs executives to deliver objectives in short time frames. In these circumstances the challenges before executive groups tend to be pressing and diverse; and always the work of a top team needs to be aligned with the purpose of significant changes and improvements.

    Organisational Coaching turns senior teams from ‘business as usual’ to an approach better suited to fast-paced commercial change and challenges. This is a bespoke approach, so Organisational Coaching objectives are defined to the organisation’s chosen priorities. For example:

    • making explicit links between core performance elements, ie. in a service industry, between a retail attitude and customer care;
    • or developing urgency as a key characteristic of a senior team.

    For information on how Organisational Coaching will work for your business challenges, see our Case Studies and contact us now.

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