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    Rounded business expertise is a prerequisite for successful executive coaches today.

    As the popularity of executive coaching has gathered momentum, many management consultancy firms have found it difficult to build a portfolio of coaches with genuine experience in a business environment.

    TSOC executive coaches are as experienced in the daily challenges of private and public sector commerce as they are in developing people on a one-to-one basis, and in concentrating the minds of top teams on reaching core business objectives.

    We specialise in coaching; our expertise and reputation for executive business coaching and for organisational development are in demand by large companies who want:

    • Organisational and cultural transformation
    • Talent and leadership development
    • Motivated people to help maintain market position
    • Top teams concentrated on corporate objectives
    • Significant growth and development

    Our coaches are led by Lyn Bicker, Managing Director of TSO Consulting, who coaches at senior level – senior executives, Board Directors, Chief Operating Officers and managing Directors.

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