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    Exceptional people management is about being: personally aware; an effective motivator; an outstanding communicator at multiple levels; proactive; responsible; flexible; adaptive; oh, and creative.

    Winning the hearts and minds of your people is what these kinds of skills will allow you.

    This section of the library explores how to achieve this level of management performance, and discusses how many get it very wrong.

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    In Defence of Appraisals (pdf 255kb)
    Let Those That Can, Do (pdf 174kb)
    Test Your Training (pdf 180kb)
    The Rules of Redundancy (pdf 192kb)
    Hold on to the Good Ones (pdf 107kb)
    The Rat Race (pdf 341kb)
    Management Consulting (pdf 119kb)
    Be Yourself (pdf 98kb)
    People: Are They Really Our Greatest Asset?
    No Going Back