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    Our Approach

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    Our focus, our values
    Clients describe us as being passionate about what we do; and they tell us we bring more to the relationship than proven experience and excellence in people and organisational development. The other cornerstones of TSOC’s approach are collaboration, knowledge transfer and establishing tangible return on investment in people development.


    We work to understand the big picture. We are adept at delivering all or part of a project, as required, and are renowned for our flexibility in implementation. With other L&D; suppliers working with a client, we form relationships in order to share and recycle relevant knowledge, avoid duplication of effort, and integrate development initiatives.

    Knowledge transfer

    Frequently we recommend to clients that their in-house training team quickly gets involved in programme delivery; this may involve co-delivery with our consultants, or, depending on internal resource, customers may prefer to deliver all of the remaining training themselves, with an appropriate amount of support from TSOC. This approach has several advantages:

    • It demonstrates to the target population the importance the client places on the development work;
    • It demonstrates the client’s commitment to making the project a success;
    • Knowledge transfer is quickly and effectively achieved;
    • The cost of rolling out the programme to the target population is significantly reduced

    Return on investment

    We understand why it is important customers achieve tangible benefit from our work because our consultants are management professionals. They are experienced across diverse business sectors; they understand the demands and drivers of the public sector, the increasing competition across key commercial markets. The core elements of our approach to achieving and delivering ROI include:

    At the beginning or a project:

    • Clarify requirements, objectives, and KPIs;
    • Agree outputs;
    • Agree ROI mechanisms;
    • Evaluate our work regularly and respond accordingly;
    • Commit to add value wherever possible, by informing the customer of relevant internal/external trends and issues we observe.